SoftSol Procurement Guide

All employs are directed to follow this Procurement Guide when conducting purchasing negotiations with suppliers for the procurement of goods and services.

Intellectual Property Right Protection

SoftSol respects the intellectual property rights of others including business associates, suppliers, and competitors. We are committed to the protection of supplier’s confidential information and insist on the same dedication to the protection of SoftSol’s disclosed confidential information. Furthermore, it is a requirement that SoftSol’s mutually protective Non-disclosure Agreement be signed by the supplier and SoftSolbefore the disclosure or exchange of any confidential information occurs.



SoftSol will conduct itself ethically and fairly in relation to the suppliers with whom we do business. Employees shall not solicit favors or contributions from suppliers or customers.

Supplier Diversity

At SoftSol, supplier diversity is a key component of corporate responsibility encouraging the use of previously under-utilized/under-represented owned vendors as suppliers. Our supplier diversity initiative aims to promote opportunities for diversity suppliers and enhance their capabilities.

What defines a diversity supplier is not the same around the world. We recognize these differences and model our efforts to reflect the governmental or cultural guidelines of each country in which we operate.

In the United States our criteria is 51 percent owned and operated by an under-represented socio/economic group or is "minority controlled;” and third-party certification through one of the following organizations or agencies:

Small Business Administration (SBA)
Federal, State, Local government
Councils and Chambers of Commerce

It is not necessary to have third-party certification to do business with SoftSol; however, certification is the process by which we can verify that businesses meet the criteria of a diversity supplier, ensuring the credibility, reliability and accuracy of our supplier diversity initiative.

Environment, Health and Safety

SoftSolexpects suppliers to understand and fully comply with all applicable international, national, state and local laws and regulations, including, but not limited to, all environmental, health and safety (EHS) and related laws and regulations.

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