SoftSol CEO Suresh Babu Discusses India’s Mobile Opportunities at GMIC SV

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GMIC SVAs the world becomes increasingly connected through mobile technology, the global focus turns to emerging markets such as India.


At the recent 2012 Global Mobile Internet Conference in Silicon Valley, SoftSol CEO Suresh Babu shed some light on how to take advantage of this vastly untapped market.

As the premier event for mobile innovators, GMIC SV connects global thought leaders as they discuss and identify opportunities within the fast-growing global arena.  And one of the hot topics at this year’s event focused on the opportunities available in expanding overseas markets, especially in India, where adoption rates for mobile phones are one of the highest in developing nations, with more than 800 million users.

With its high mobile penetration but relatively low adoption of smartphones, Mr. Babu related how India’s rabid mobile market has just as many challenges as it does opportunities.   Mobile application development is a booming industry in India, with business shifting toward mobile e-commerce and enterprise mobility.  He also discussed future trends on mobile application development including mobile peer-to-peer video conferencing for the transportation industry, and mobile video and text processing for Big Data analytics.  Emotional intelligence and augmented reality were also some topics he discussed, talking about the solutions that will emerge over the next couple years.

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