Private Sector

Private-Sector Domains

SoftSol measures an application’s quality by the business value it produces. Our diverse industry experience has prepared us to understand unique business challenges and design solutions that improve effectiveness and boost ROI. Even businesses in industries not currently part of SoftSol’s experience profile can benefit from the versatility SoftSol has demonstrated by succeeding consistently in new verticals.

SoftSol has executed major end-to-end projects in each of the following verticals:


Public Sector

Government Experience

An organization’s mission and project success metrics often differ significantly in the public sector. SoftSol brings rich insight to the processes and values of government agencies through many critical projects executed on Federal, State and Local levels.

These government clients derive substantial value from the flexibility SoftSol affords. For California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS), SoftSol recently executed a full onsite project involving over 70 resources in a12 month initiative.



SoftSol India Limited unique business model is flexible and is applicable for various industry challenges across Globe.  Our clients across the globe are a testimony to our servicing capabilities.  Our model not only reduces the cost but also addresses to all the technical and functional challenges of our clients.  SoftSol has demonstrated by succeeding consistently in new verticals.

We have a rich experience in catering to the below domains.


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