Corporate Investigations

SoftSol’s Corporate Investigations case management system coordinates both HR investigations and incidents of corporate loss. The system provides single-point access to all documents, audio recordings, evidence, and forms associated with a specific case. Additionally, it gives executives a clear view of the entire enterprise through dynamic reports and a configurable dashboard.

The case management system can be easily adapted to many other case-centered processes, such as claims processing, regulation compliance, and workplace safety.

The following are some of the core features of SoftSol’s Corporate Investigations case management system:

Case Creation

Define the elements of the case, parties involved, the nature of the investigation and the case stages and statuses that are of interest to the users. Usually there are case sub-types that the user may wish to define and each case sub-type may be tracked differently. SoftSol’s infrastructure also has the ability to correlate related cases so the investigator can get a fuller picture on the case or person of interest.

Event Tracking and Case History

Define the type of events or actions on the case that must be tracked as the case moves along. Events may include investigative activities like interviews and other forms of research, progress reports, responses, correspondence, the calendaring or scheduling of cases for specific appointments, dispositions, referrals to other agencies etc. These events can be customized to suit the nature of the case load.


The calendaring function allows users to set up calendars and appointments for parties involved in the case. Cases can be assigned and scheduled on the calendar of specific investigators.

Forms Generation

Enables users to generate notices, standardized reports, sign-up forms, commitment forms etc. All these can be defined as needed using customizable templates.

Work Flow Management

In those circumstances where different actions must be taken by different individuals in the organization, SoftSol’s case management software has the ability to "queue" matters to different individuals so the cases can be monitored and nothing falls between the cracks. The case will be moved from "desk" to "desk" automatically.

The different actions an individual can take can be defined via job roles and assignments. All these are customizable.

Application Security

Security can be customized to the level of function and the users' job role in the organization. The nature and level of access can be customized. Different views of the case can be filtered according to a user's access level.

Document Imaging

If the customer so desires, the system can allow for the imaging of all documents filed or issued by the organization so that the case management is virtually paperless. We can maintain electronic case files.


If the case management involves the receipt and disbursement of money, SoftSol’s system also tracks money received and disbursed. This infrastructure is completely customizable.



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