Collaborative Product Development

SoftSol invests heavily into Collaborative Product Development by teaming with academia, start up companies, venture funds, strategic alliance partners, and key clients to produce impactful software innovations. SoftSol provides multi-dimensional advantages to our customers in terms of enhanced cost savings and higher Return-on-Investment (ROI), comprehensive risk coverage and mitigation,customized solutions, focused business consultancy and road map definition.

For Example, A California County required a traffic citation management solution for their superior court system. The initiative required bringing together niche expert players for a seamless solution on a high performing computing environment. SoftSol’s technology expertise, customer network, and infrastructure were leveraged to formulate a comprehensive solution.

SoftSol has worked with the county to enable it to meet the strict product release schedule. The work involved an innovative approach for development by applying formal techniques efficiently. The product was modeled using state-based formalism. This has reduced the product development time line and assured feature performance. The product is further certified by Microsoft for its technology and architecture.

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