Enterprise Modernization


Modernizing aging legacy applications enables companies to reduce maintenance costs and leverage the flexibility and robust functionality of newer technologies. SoftSol’s approach is much more than simple "conversion." By combining highly effective tools, people, and processes, SoftSol manages the full end-to-end process—delivering production-ready applications customized to your unique requirements.
Types of Legacy Applications:

  • Highly customized
  • Perform critical functions
  • Are incompatible with current/future technologies
  • Can be very expensive to maintain or upgrade
  • Are difficult to integrate with newer technologies
  • Require people with hard-to-find skill sets
  • Can result in diminished productivity and user experience

Modernization Results in Systems That:

  • Are robust and future proof.
  • Retain existing business functionality with added capabilities
  • Perform at or above current levels
  • Improve productivity
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Give high return on investment
  • Lower ongoing maintenance costs

Talk to a SoftSol Solutions Architect to explore potential avenues for modernizing your existing systems.


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