Mainframe Modernization

There is a tremendous amount of business knowledge and competitive intelligence invested by enterprises worldwide on legacy applications.

As the business requirements and market situations rapidly evolve in the current competitive environment, organizations are increasingly looking toward transforming their existing legacy applications to respond to these challenges and maintain their competitive edge.

However, transforming legacy applications is challenging due to:

  • Difficulty in extracting business rules,
  • Identifying dependencies on external systems,
  • Lack of system documentation and coding standards,
  • Application complexity due to extensive changes,
  • Enhancements undergone since the initial implementation

SoftSol’s modernization solution offers a cost-effective and seamless approach for migrating legacy applications to modern architectures so that the migrated applications are maintainable, extensible, and take advantage of latest technologies and platforms.

SoftSol’s modernization practice encompasses the following approaches:

Re-face (User interface redesign)

In this approach, the UI layer will be revamped to take advantage of newer technologies while the application itself will remain unchanged in the existing environment.

This option provides the least risk to the application because the functionality of the application is not affected.

  • This approach provides the following benefits:
  • Revamped user interface
  • Ease of use
  • Incorporation of new business rules and edits
  • Support for newer presentation devices such as PDAs, mobile phones, etc.

The following technologies will reface the existing applications:

  • Screen-scraping or Web-based terminal emulation using NetManage or Attachmate
  • CICS 3270 bridge


In this approach, the applications are migrated to a different environment on a mainframe using a combination of automated tools and manual effort. This option provides the following benefits:

  • Reduce dependence on obsolete or retiring languages/environments
  • Reduce overall license costs
  • Increase availability and/or consolidation of programming resources
  • Better interoperability between applications

SoftSol offers the following translation services:

  • IMS/DB to DB2 migration
  • EZTrieve to COBOL migration
  • IMS/DC to CICS migration
  • VSAM to DB2 migration
  • Adabas and Adabas/R to DB2/Oracle migration
  • DB2 to Oracle/SQL Server migration


In this approach, the mainframe application is re-architected into newer platforms and technologies with significant restructuring of application code and layers. This approach provides the following benefits:

  • Take advantage of new platforms and technologies
  • Enhance the maintainability and extensibility of the application
  • Reduce dependence on obsolete technologies
  • Ease of integration with other systems

SoftSol offers the following re-architecture services:

  • Mainframe Web enablement
  • Mainframe to Java/.NET migration
  • Mainframe SOA enablement


In this approach, the existing business functionality and knowledge is captured and used to develop a new application that supports the same functionality. Re-engineering is a two-step process comprising of reverse engineering of existing application functionality followed by forward engineering to anew platform/ architecture. The approach provides the following benefits:

  • Discovery and documentation of application functionality, which leads to better maintainability.
  • Scope for enhancing business functionality during the re-engineering process.
  • Application will be free from legacy influences and modifications because the application is developed from business

functionality rather than migrated from existing code.

SoftSol provides re-engineering services to COBOL, Natural, Eztrieve, CICS applications. Please Contact Us for further information on our Mainframe Modernization.