Testing Services

Managed Test Automation Services
An effective testing methodology is the integrity of the software development process. When integrated at each stage in software life cycle and executed with industry-leading tools, it anchors the project to the core business objectives that underlie the initiative.

SoftSol's independent testing teams follow a proven methodology to manage the end-to-end testing process. Experienced test managers anticipate testing challenges and resolve issues early in the lifecycle when fixes are least costly.

Test Automation using SoftSol’s Click Test Integrated Framework
SoftSol's proprietary CTI Framework enhances the speed, coverage, and maintainability of test automation. By fully leveraging componentization and reusability, the framework adds a level of efficiency that the leading tools cannot provide out of the box.

Value added by the CTI framework:

  • Integrated: Works seamlessly with enterprise test management systems like HP’s Quality Center
  • Modularization & Reusability: Combines modularization and reusability for efficient script automation.
  • Maintainable: Architected so that a single edit to a component will automatically update to all scripts that use that component
  • Custom Reporting Features: Automatic screenshots of failure points and precise identification of the step on which the issue occurred
  • Dynamic Data Capabilities: Greater versatility as data sets can be applied to multiple scripts
  • User-Friendly Interface: Empowers non-technical users to easily build and run regression tests


Fast and Reliable

  • The following are some of the gains clients have experienced through SoftSol’s Managed Test Automation Services:
  • Dramatic reduction in effort required for regression testing (up to 90% over manual testing)
  • Reduced time-to-implementation for critical business updates
  • Maximize the effectiveness of the brief User Acceptance Testing window for vendor-developed applications
  • Increased cost savings through every cycle of regression testing
  • Faster identification and resolution of application issues
  • Reduce burden on overloaded testing teams.
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